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Comforting Words for Broken Hearts

Look...this means I love you...

Lyrics for Tears
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This is, for the most part, a community dedicated to the discussion of emotional song lyrics. Post any lyrics that are meaningful to you, or reflect how you feel.

Here are the rules:

1.Please be courteous to all members. Keep the insults and excessively negative criticism to yourself.

2.When you post lyrics, make sure to include both the song title and the artist.

3.Try to keep the lyrics you post emo-related. The song lyrics do not necessarily have to be from the emo genre of music...as long as they are deep and meaningful.

4.You can post writing of your own...as long as the subject matter follows along the same lines of emotional song lyrics.

5.You can make requests if you're having trouble finding a certain song...or a type of song...and we'll try to help.

6.Stealing the user pictures of other members without prior permission is a bad thing. Do it and you will be banned...

7.Community promos may only be made if they're accompanied by something else pertaining to this community..like lyrics..or even a lyrics request. Otherwise..no..

8.Try to keep the posts flowing, or else it'll get really boring...really fast...

Questions? Feel free to ask...

Creator/Maintainer: litebritedreams
Co-Maintainer: ____exitmusic

Comforting Words for Broken Hearts